Leap Into Greatness!

Leap Into Greatness! Leap Into Greatness!


"When you can see that first step - take it. The next step will be clearer once you have started moving than it ever could have been before." - Ken Ludwig

Every aspect of life is comprised of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical components. It is the balance and unity of these components that have us experiencing life at its most fulfilling or feeling disconnected and stressed. I envision a world where each of us has the tools and the willingness to use them, so that we all may have the life of our dreams and enjoy the heck out of it.

The secret to making it out alive is not to live forever, but to transcend the vicissitudes of life and truly be "alive". We feel most alive when we feel physically healthy and sound. The physical is the one component that we simply cannot affirm into alignment with our highest vision; if you feel like crap all the time you will never have the capacity to operate at your highest and best mentally, emotionally or spiritually. In a world where 2/3 of the adults are overweight or obese and diseases of lifestyle are rampant, the evidence speaks for itself. But likewise does our ability to operate at our highest potential suffer if any of the components are out of whack.

The mission is to seek to show each person I come in contact with how they might bring all four components into balance. And more importantly how to bring them back into balance when the strains of everyday life seek to pull us into confusion and imbalance.

There is no great secret to living a life filled with joy. The information is everywhere. What we lack is the cohesive knowledge to have all that information make sense and be useful. I am here to assist and guide you on that journey. I look forward to seeing what we might co-create.